Delicious, plant-based, organic & shelf stable.

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Better Energy Balls.

Each Snack Bomb gives you the calories, vitamins and minerals you need, with the perfect ratio of macros, to fuel your body to create physical and mental energy. We created Snack Bombs because believe snacking is a crucial part of our daily diet and routine (and snacking consciously is key to avoid getting hangry).

Each serving contains at least 5 grams of complete protein.

Hemp and flax, two of the most omega-3 rich plant-based sources.

From the earth, no fillers or preservatives added.

Made with gluten free ingredients.

Snack Bombs, My Secret Weapon...

Snack Bombs are literally the cleanest, healthiest snack I’ve found. I use them after an intense workout, for the kids after school, and when we are traveling across the country. They’re my secret weapon.

Renée Warren, Founder Family Academy

Very Impressed With The Taste...

Snack Bombs are super tasty. I use them on the go, in-between meetings because they kill my hunger quickly.

Shaa Wasmund, Best Selling Author

Game Changer For My Well Being...

Quality food matters to me and my family, as does convenience. Having healthy snacks delivered right to my door has been a game changer for my productivity and well being.

Amar Varma, Tech Entrepreneur


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