Our Story

I was on the snack hunt for my family. We wanted a convenient snack that helped us eat as healthy in between meals as we do at our family meals. Everything I found on the market had too much sugar, not enough healthy fats or an imbalanced ratio of protein to fibre. We’d eat these snacks then feel a crash or still be hungry.

Worst of all, they were loaded with ingredients we couldn’t find in our own kitchens (we couldn’t even pronounce most of them!) Tocopherol? Soy Lecithin? Xylitol? Protein isolates?

So we set out to do better. I mean how hard could it be to make a snack loaded with healthy fats, protein and fiber? How difficult could it be to load it with superfoods to give us a boost of nutrition? And how hard could it be to do it without any fillers or preservatives? Turns out, pretty freaking hard.

What we thought would take a few weeks of product development turned into two years. We thought we could figure this out in our own kitchens with some friends. It quickly turned into a labor of love with the help of food scientists, nutritionists and chefs across Toronto at commercial kitchens and even a university or two. If there was an MBA in snacking, we’d have earned it.

All this to say we did it. We created the snack we’d been searching for and finally got to launching SnackConscious. Our products have sustained us through 12 hour days building this business and through traveling across the country with a 6 month old (yes, newborn + new business is always a good idea).

So whether you’re a crazy entrepreneur or in the stroller days of parenting, this snack is for you too. Because that’s what we do here, we make superfood snacks for super busy people. Like you.

Founder and Snack Boss