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At SnackConscious, we believe snacking is a crucial part of our daily diet and routine (and snacking consciously is key to avoid getting hangry). Which is why we made Snack Bombs.

From middays meetings and school pickups to early morning workouts, we’ve engineered Snack Bombs to feed your busy brain and body. With a conscious combination of organic, plant-based and incredibly nutritious ingredients, you’ll know exactly what’s going into your body and what you’ll get out of it. We call it smart snacking for smart people.

What’s in a Snack Bomb?

Each Snack Bomb gives you the calories, vitamins and minerals you need, with the perfect ratio of macros, to fuel your body to create physical and mental energy.

In each bite,  you’ll get:

  • 3 grams of plant-based protein
    • No protein isolates, no ultra processed powders, only whole food sources
    • Snack Bomb’s protein comes from hemp, nuts and seeds, all having a solid amino acid profile
  • 7 grams of healthy plant-based fats
    • Our organic coconut butter, cacao butter, nut butters and coconut oil are clean sources of heart healthy saturated and monounsaturated fats
    • Plant-based fats regulate energy, absorb sugars and carbs and helps metabolize proteins slowly
    • 8 grams of fibre rich carbs
      • Our brain feeds on carbs and keeps us focused, our slow metabolizing carbs offer sustained energy without the spike of refined sugars or caffeine 
      • Carbs without fibre are wasted carbs, that’s why we select organic grains and seeds that are high in fibre.
      • Fibre helps to lower cholesterol and blood sugar
      • Filled with minerals and vitamins from organic soil
        • Calcium - stronger bones, regulating heart rate
        • Zinc - aiding in recovery and healing
        • Magnesium - boosts immunity, regulates heart rate, blood sugar and blood pressure builds stronger bones
        • Maganese - has antioxidant properties, helps with wound healing and bone health
        • Iron - transports oxygen from your lungs around the body

      With superfood ingredients like cacao butter, hemp and baru seed, we pack as many nutrients as possible into a delicious bite sized ball. By using whole food, organic ingredients, Snack Bombs are a nutrient-dense snack that your body can easily digest, absorb and convert into sustainable energy (this is called bioavailability).

      Yes, you know healthy is important. But in real life, when you’ve skipped a meal or are already hangry, you’re more likely to reach for something that tastes good. Usually this leads to us eating something we shouldn’t. This is why when it came to the flavours and taste of our Snack Bombs, we refused to cut any corners. Despite all the nutrients, our Snack Bombs are outrageously delicious - something you’ll actually crave, even when you’re hangry. Through creamy nuts, dates and a dash of maple syrup, they’re just the right amount of sweet but without the energy spike and crash you feel with refined sugars. 

      So why Snack Bombs? They get you from hangry to full fast, give you physical and mental energy, and just may be the best thing you do for your body all day. Not to mention they’re plant-based and organic. So good for you and good for the planet too. 

      If that’s still not enough nutritional info for you, we’ve got more details in our FAQ. We believe in transparency, so if you’ve got any questions about SnackConscious, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@snackconscious.com

      Why snack on Snack Bombs?

      If you’ve ever skipped a meal, had brain fog at 3pm or reached for something unhealthy, then Snack Bombs were made for you. We’re all guilty of pushing our bodies and brains too far before giving it the calories and nutrients it needs. We scramble and make a snack slip-up and reach for a muffin, or we don’t eat at all and get hangry. 

      Why are we doing this to ourselves? And if you get hangry, why are you torturing your loved ones because you forgot to eat?

      Snack Bombs solve all of these problems. It’s a seriously delicious way to keep yourself going in between meals. 

      Delicious enough to reach for when starving? Check.

      Nutrients and calories your brain and body need to function? Check.
      Convenient enough to take with you and avoid getting hangry? Check. 

      Snack Bombs have everything you need and is better for the planet. Win win. When’s the last time anything was that easy?

      You can shop online or find us in a range of stores across Toronto in case hanger hits when you’re on the go. 

      How do I use Snack Bombs?

      We recommend keeping Snack Bombs on hand whenever you’re going to be on-the-go, heading to the gym or at work for many hours in between meals. If you’re like us, this is everyday. 

      The most common ways people use Snack Bombs:

      • When they’ve skipped breakfast. 
      • In between that long stretch between lunch and dinner.
      • Pre and post workout. 
      • After school snacks for parents and kids. 
      • When traveling in the car, train or plane (because getting stuck on a plane feels a lot better when you’re full)

      You can order as you need from our site, or subscribe so you’ll save money and get Snack Bombs shipping to your door every month. 

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      Our Stance on Sustainability

      The biggest way to minimize our environmental impact is to eat plant-based food. Period. Every product we ever make will be plant-based and GMO free.

      We’re not perfect but we’ll always be transparent and honest. We’re still working on reducing our carbon footprint and sourcing more sustainably. It takes a village, so let us know if you can help us here by emailing info@snackconscious.com

      Where Can I Get Snack Bombs?

      Pick up Snack Bombs right here at SnackConscious.com — either as a one-time purchase or with a subscription. You can also get Snack Bombs online at Amazon and in select retail stores across the country.