Snacks for Health Workers

We need your help sending healthy snacks to struggling hospitals across the U.S. and Canada.

Sponsor any box of SnackBombs below and we'll quickly send it to a hospital in need. These snacks will get directly into the hands of our frontline health workers, at zero cost to them, so they can stay full, healthy and strong. *All prices are below our costs to make sure we can get as many snacks out as possible*

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Two Boxes of Snacks
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Four Boxes of Snacks
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Eight Boxes of Snacks
Save $340.00
Twenty Boxes of Snacks
Save $680.00
Forty Boxes of Snacks

Healthcare workers need to take care of themselves, too.

The doctors, nurses and health workers at hospitals dealing with COVID-19 need our help. They are overworked, overtired and skipping meals as they risk their lives on the frontlines of this crisis. You can help by sponsoring healthy snacks.

Why Are Healthy Snacks Important For Health Workers?


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