Craig's April Round Up

Craig's April Round Up

Given our current situation where the majority of us are at home 24/7, I'm starting a monthly list of the best of what I'm reading, dancing and listening to - and of course it wouldn't be my roundup without including what I'm eating. So without further delay....

📚What I'm reading 

This month I'd like to highlight one writer, Mark Manson, and go back looking at a few of his all time epic articles.

Before his best selling book, there was the blog post that started it all. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck. An epic 12 minute read.

To develop character, a person must master their own actions and master themselves. And while few of us can accomplish that in a lifetime, Mark Manson believes it’s not only something we each have a duty to work towards, we are morally obligated to try. Check out this 20 minute read (or listen as Mark reads you the article)

Distractions have become so pervasive in the digital age that we've come to accept them as normal. In his article, aptly named, The Attention Diet, Mark shares how we can escape their grip and free our minds a little.

💃What I'm dancing to

The Ones That Got Away - Spotify's list of songs you might have missed in 2019. This list is solid and will remind you just how much great music is still being produced.

One from my personal compilation for Saturday nights. This is the playlist you hit before you go out (or in this case stay in and cook). Sofi Tucker, Run DMC, Sam Smith and Gorillaz are part of this compilation that will have you dancing while making a marinara.

🔊What I'm listening to

They said video content would kill written and audio content, but they could not have been more wrong. Podcasts have become so many people's go to for education, news and entertainment. This month I'd like to feature Rich Roll's best episodes from 2019.

My heart just melted after listening to Soil Is Everything with John & Molly Chester’s Biggest Little Farm. Listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You won't be disappointed when you hear their story about Biodiversity, regenerative agriculture, ecological sustainability, carbon drawdown, and climate change reversal. These are popular themes, but in practical terms, what do they actually mean?

“Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.” Cal Newport on the Rich Roll Podcast. It's become increasingly harder to just put the phone down. Because the latest apps and digital platforms are specifically designed to addict, we have become slaves to their irresistible allure.

Our precious attention is being hijacked. The ability to focus — to concentrate on that which is most meaningful — simply cannot compete with the magnetic pull of our Instagram feed. If you want that ah-ha moment of the week listen to this fantastic interview on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify.

Lisa Damour's interview with Rich will have you fixated whether you have teenagers or not. Why? Because we were all teenagers at one point. List on Spotify or right on Rich's website. “We run the risk now of raising a generation that is stressed about being stressed, and anxious about being anxious.”

😋What I'm eating

This soup will provide comfort, but more importantly nutrition, oh and it tastes incredible. Thanks to The Goods Is Good for sharing this secret recipe.

You are home, you might as well make banana bread. Let's make it Peanut Butter Gluten Free Vegan Banana Bread while we are at it.

Thanks for being here. I hope you find this month's round-up valuable. I respond to all messages, so if you feel like it, send me a note at and tell me what is on your mind.


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