8 Healthy Packaged Plant Based Snacks

8 Healthy Packaged Plant Based Snacks

For most of us, our office and home has merged for an indefinite amount of time. The kitchen is within arm’s reach and it may feel like an uphill battle when it comes to making smart snacking choices. Don't get me wrong, snacking is essential to maintain a healthy diet and to keep energy levels high throughout the day, but it can be easy to fall into a junk food snack trap. We love treats, but they're best to save for a special occasion rather than a daily habit while working from home. 

We created SnackBombs because we believe snacking is a crucial part of our daily diet and routine (and snacking consciously is key to avoid getting hangry). 

Here are 8 healthy packaged plant based snacks:

1. SnackBombs

These energy balls are outrageously delicious and eliminate hunger, quickly and guilt-free. They are made with whole-foods, are nutrient dense and engineered to deliver both cognitive and physical energy. 

2. LesserEvil Himalayan Pink Salt Organic Popcorn

From source to snack, LesserEvil is dedicated to creating clean, healthy snacks. The Himalayan Pink Salt popcorn is made with just three simple ingredients: organic popcorn, organic extra-virgin coconut oil and Himalayan salt.

3. Rawcology Granola

Rawcology's mission is to create revolutionary organic and nutritious plant-powered foods that can be enjoyed by all individuals. I love the Blueberry with Acai Raw Crunch Granola with oat milk!

4. Nud Crackers

Nud (pronounced nude) was created out of a desire to improve the way people eat and feel by bringing truly simple, nourishing, and real ingredients back to snacks. The crackers are super yummy and they have amazing flavour options whether you're craving sweet or savoury.

5. Mid-Day Squares

The first functional chocolate bar. It was designed for those on the go that want to cut their hunger and cravings in between meals.

6. YumButter

Delicious superfood nut butters that are clean, convenient, and conscious. Perfect to dip an apple in!

7. Three Farmer's Roasted Chickpeas

With an impressive nutritional profile and a satisfying airy crunch, the Three Farmers Roasted Chickpeas are both good for you and delicious. The perfect snack or salad topper.

8. Healthy Crunch Kale Chips

Small batches of local kale are washed and gently massaged by hand before going into the dehydrator to air-dry slowly, so no nutrients are lost. No frying, oven-baking or cooking, just super-crunchy deliciousness.


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