7 Plant Based Summer Snacks

7 Plant Based Summer Snacks

This summer is all about backyard relaxing, park hangouts and socially distanced weekend getaways with your close circle of family and friends. Spending more time outside means spending less time in the kitchen, and the need for easy, healthy and grab-to-go snacks.

Here are our 7 favourite plant based snacks for summer:

1. Fresh, seasonal fruit

The summer months are the perfect time to shop for fresh, seasonal fruit. From peaches to watermelon to berries and cherries, the options are plentiful. Fresh City Farms is a great place in Toronto to order or pick up local, organic produce! If you're in another city, we suggest doing a quick search to where you can buy local and fresh, seasonal fruit.

2. Neal Brothers Chips & Salsa

Neal Brothers is an awesome Canadian company that uses natural, organic (when available) and fresh ingredients. They have a great selection of plant based products, we suggest the Deep Blue + Flax Corn Chips and Just-Hot-Enough Salsa. You can find Neal Brother's here.

3. SnackBombs - Energy Balls

SnackBombs are delicious, organic, gluten-free energy balls that are perfect for any time of the day and easy to keep in your bag with convenient 2 packs or 10 packs for the whole group to enjoy. Made with superfoods like cacao butter, coconut and hemp protein, they will keep you full, energized and help reduce mental fatigue. We can't get enough of Peanut Butter Cherry Dark Chocolate. You can buy them direct to consumer here.

4. My Little Chickpea - Naked Chickpea Falafel

These simple ingredient, preservative-free, flavourful falafels are a great addition to a snack plate served with hummus. They're easy to pack on the go and always a crowd pleaser. You can find them here.

5. Apples & Nut Butter 

Apples and nut butter is a classic snack. If you're looking for a new nut butter to try, we're obsessed with Jem Organics and their delicious flavours that takes the combination to a whole new level. Our pick is Salted Caramel Almond Butter! You can find Jem products in Canada at Coco Market in Toronto or online from Raw Elements.

6. Veggie Crudite + Guacamole

 Another classic combination. We love cutting up cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers to dip into a delicious guacamole like this recipe by Minimalist Baker. If you are looking for a fresh, packaged alternative, we suggest Mad Mexican Chunky Guacamole which you can find in Ontario here.

7. Fresh Freezies

Most store bought freezies are loaded with refined sugars, fillers and ingredients you don't know, let alone can't pronounce. Making your own freezies ensures you know exactly what's going in them. We love this recipe by Detoxinista made with fresh fruit and sweetened with maple syrup. If you're based in Toronto, check out Ripe Nutrition's Super Freezies, made with no sugar, additives or preservatives. You can find them at Coco MarketTip: store in a cooler if you're taking them to-go, or bring unfrozen to your destination and freeze before enjoying.

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